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Valentino Donna Born in Roma Intense EDP for Women

Valentino Donna Born in Roma Intense EDP for Women

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An explosion of celebratory joy, Valentino’s Born in Rome Donna Eau de Parfum has a strong contemporary presence. The floriental blend has all the softness of femininity with a tougher, more experimental edge. An invitation for all women to be unapologetically themselves, the fragrance is a disruption of traditional perfumery, making for an innovative, avant-garde feel.

The scent uses vanilla bourbon, an expensive and precious extract, giving the perfume a supremely luxurious presence. It pairs this dreamy smoothness with jasmine’s heady sensuality, drying down to a woody base for an earthy yet lingering trail. Endlessly captivating its audience, this is a scent that rebels against norms just like Rome’s distinctive street culture.

The fragrance bottle is designed to appear as though protected by armour through Valentino’s recognisable stud pattern. Instantly iconic, the studs take inspiration from Roman architecture and are reconstructed to represent a new dawn for high fashion. A melding of both the new and the old, it’s a careful duality between classic reverence and a newfound irreverent outlook.

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